Jobs for Embedded Software Engineer

Job Overview

Employer Type – Recruiter / Dispatch / Temp Agency
Industry – Electronics / Electrical Equipment, Industrial Machinery, Manufacturing
Salary – ¥4,000,000 / Year (Based on interview performance, experience, etc.)
English Level – Business Level
Japanese Level – Business Level
Restricted to Domestic Applicants? – Overseas applicants allowed
Visa Sponsorship – Yes

Job Requirements – Required:

3+ Years of experience in embedded software development
Bachelor’s Degree or higher in a relevant field
Business-level Japanese (N2+) or higher

Experience as a project leader
Experience in member management and training
Experience in specification writing

Job Description

About the Company

Using high-precision automatic control, micro-signal processing, and power electronics as core technologies, this hiring company develops devices for the medical and other industries. It is an R&D-oriented company that has acquired a number of patents and has received the “Gunma Creative SME Creation Support Program,” a venture business support program from Gunma Prefecture. The company is expanding its business with the aim of listing on Mothers by 2023. They are looking for engineers who can be an immediate asset to the company and who are willing to work hard as a member of a world-class automatic technology solution company.

Job Description

As an Embedded Software Engineer, you will be responsible for embedded software development and programming for industrial equipment. In project teams, you will collaborate with engineers from different fields (such as circuit design, mechanical design, and production engineering). Clients typically include massive-scale companies and manufacturers requiring cutting-edge technologies:

Factory Automation (FA) equipment

・loT system for manufacturing lines

・Power source for driving IH

・Power source for welding chip components

・High-precision temperature control equipment

・High-performance power supply for green laser

・400V/200V AC-AC inverter (10KVA, 3KVA)

・Inverters for CO2 compressors for commercial-use eco-cutes

Medical Electronics (ME) equipment – Class III Highly-Controlled Medical Devices

・Perception and pain measurement systems

・Controller for an artificial respirator for premature infants

・AUTO-CPAP for sleep apnea syndrome

・High-frequency cauterization system

・Esophageal cooling system

・Intracatheter saline monitor

・Electroencephalogram (EEG) measurement devices

Semiconductor-related equipment

・Prober chiller (4CH water-cooled and air-cooled)

・Thin-film deposition equipment

・LED head array light intensity measurement for printers

・Correction equipment

・Silicon wafer transfer system

Please note that successful candidates (especially those residing overseas) may be offered a probational contract, paid internship on track for a full-time offer, or another similar employment structure depending on current border policies as well as experience, qualifications, graduation date, etc.


SALARY: Starting from 4 million yen, yearly (To be decided based on work experience/interview)

WORK HOURS: 9:00 ~ 18:00 (8 working hrs; 1-hr break; overtime capped at 24 hrs/week)

DAYS OFF: Weekends, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, summer holiday, paid leave (10 days granted after 6 months employment)

OTHER BENEFITS: Yearly raises (in April), performance-based bonuses, family allowance, commute allowance, pension, stock options, and more

First Steps

After receiving your application, we will review your eligibility. If selected to move forward, we will contact you to schedule a video call with us or to submit a self-conducted interview, after which we will attempt to schedule an interview with the company. Multiple interviews may be necessary.


Takasaki, Gunma, Japan

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